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A Ministry of the churches of Christ

Brent and Becky Hanson

      Brent and Becky first heard about the Hands of Compassion Ministry from Stacy Sikes when he met them up in Hibbing, MN.  They were just about to come to Rochester so Brent could have a heart surgery back in 2015.  From the very beginning they became excited about this ministry as Becky and her son stayed at the older house while Brent was at St. Mary's for his surgery.
     Brent was put on the heart transplant list at that time causing Brent and Becky to move to Rochester where they regularly attended the Rochester church of Christ.  From that time until 2017, Brent waited on the transplant list until he finally received his new heart at the beginning of 2017.
    There unique standpoint, having been people who needed ministering, makes them a wonderful couple to minister to others.

They are now houseparents in the newer house, working alongside Chris, Cindy, and Phillip.
We are a 501C3 organization located in Rochester, MN.