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A Ministry of the churches of Christ

Phillip Quelle

Hands of Compassion Chaplain

Phillip began his work at the Hands of Compassion in May of 2014.  He has a bachelors in Bible and Ministry and a masters in Family Life Ministry, both from Oklahoma Christian University.  He was in ministry for 11 years prior to coming to the Hands of Compassion.

Phillip's associations with the Hands of Compassion have been through people he has known who have stayed at the house.  His desire to do this type of ministry began with the birth of his second child who had three surgeries in his first year of life.  The amazing ministry of others during that time in Phillip's life gave him a desire in his heart for hospital ministry.  "What a wonderful work to be a part of!"
We are a 501C3 organization located in Rochester, MN.